Boho Blooms is a small family farm at the Bowen home between Post Falls and Coeur d'Alene Idaho.  Three generations,

Judy, Jana, and Sadie are flower growers who love to share their flowers and experiment with creative designs.  



I love living in a family where flowers are something we get to share.  Last year I marveled at the beautiful arrangements my grandmother and mom created. This summer, I'll be learning some of the techniques to successful flower arranging.  Last year I enjoyed working for a family friend growing sunflowers for his business. I'm looking forward to growing new flowers this summer.


I'm mom to three great kids, Sadie and her two brothers.  Three kids, horses, chickens, a dog, and lots of field mice keep me busy.  Having eaten garlic flavored strawberries (see Joe's about info), I decided that this garden project needed organization and guidance. I am looking forward to a fun year with lots of flowers, family time, and less COVID.  





I'm a retired labor and delivery nurse.   Six beautiful grandchildren call me Nana.  A love for doing new and creative things is a big part of who I am. As a child my playtime was often spent designing houses with cutouts from paper catalogues.  In the mid 80's I joined a friend and started a dried flower arranging business that was more a hobby than a money making business.  Over the past 35 years, I have done flowers for many weddings and special events for the sheer joy of it.  

We are fortunate to live on the same acreage as our daughter and family. In 2019 we tilled up a new area and started on this adventure.

There is nothing that makes me happier than a bucket of flowers, a vase, and someone to enjoy the awesome beauty of each flower.   


When I was 12, to my surprise, my dad placed an ad in the Portland want adds, "student anxious to do yard work". For a dollar an hour, I was flooded with jobs and spent the whole summer weeding ladies flower beds. My memory/nightmare is of endless beds of Iris interwoven with Johnson grass extending into the horizon.

It's no wonder that as a graduate I settled into an inside profession. But after 25 years the call of the outside helped me decide to change my occupation to construction from which I retired a few years ago.

When I saw how much fun the ladies were having arranging their flowers I wanted to try my hand at it. But when I proudly showed off my creation there were giggles - no - laughter when they said it looked like my wreath had the mumps. Today my speciality is picking up rocks and spreading manure, both of which I'm a true master of.

It doesn't get any better than spending time in the dirt with the people I love. 

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Have you ever wondered, "Can I plant the rhubarb with the raspberries?" or "Will the asparagus grow with the peas?" or "Should I plant the garlic in the strawberry patch?"  (No, you shouldn't)  Well, I have.  I enjoy the growth that every new year brings and the beauty in every flower.  I am the officer of railway tie placement and the occasional dirt mover.  Sharing this project and experience with my family brings me joy.